Welcome to Metalogic computers!

Opened in June of 2011, Metalogic Computers brings a new store to Albuquerque’s westside. Specializing in custom built computers, computer repair, and customer education.

Custom Computers:
Don’t just go to a big box store and buy a pc loaded with junkware, and stuff you really didn’t want and filled with low-end parts.   Come sit down and talk to us about what you really want to do with a pc.  We will build the best product for your budget.  NO junkware will be on the system.. only what you want.

Technical Support:
Having issues with your current computer?  Slowed down to a crawl?  Parts not working anymore. Virus?  Malware?   Don’t worry we can help!  With over 30 years of combined experience.  Our technicians are all A+ certified.  We don’t send our work out of the store to be worked on, like other stores.

Keep checking back for more info on the store, and SPECIAL deals we will be having!


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Nvidia GTX680

Asus Nvidia GTX680 In store!

League of Legends LAN Party

This will be Metalogic Computers 3rd League of Legends LAN Party. This one will be the best yet!!!

The Rules are simple:
1. Premade 5’s Teams
2. Tournament Draft mode
3. All teams will be playing at least 4 matches

Check on Facebook for updates on teams and all other information!

The event will be held at Metalogic Computers 10200 Corrales Rd. STE B-1
Saturday March 10th 2012 starting at 8PM
Please show up 30 minutes early to help set-up

$15 BOYC (Bring your own computer) $25 to rent a computer
Food and drink will be provided.
Prizes for the winning team will be announced the day of the event.

Congratulations to TSM for taking first place in our League of Legends LAN party!
They were undefeated that night as they walked away with roit point cards and free admission to the next event.
I want to thank everyone who attended the event, keep your eyes open for the next LAN party!

Metalogic Crowbar LAN

Intel LANFest

Intel, LANFest, Windows 7, Gamers Anonymous, Gigabyte, Corsair, MSI, Western Digital, Madden 12, Starcraft 2, Halflife CTF.

LAN Party Metalogic!

We had a great time playing games all night at the shop!

Congrats to Rhyotion for winning the Unreal, and quake 3 tournaments!